THURSDAY, june 13th, 2024, Abu Dhabi - 17:00 CET

The MongolZ Triumph Over NIP in Historic Victory at the first ever Compass Grand Finals Abu Dhabi 2024

Abu Dhabi, 13 June – The esports world witnessed a historic moment as The MongolZ claimed victory over Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) in the grand finals of the Compass Tournament, marking the first time in 14 years that an Asian team has won an S-Tier CS2 tournament. This victory is particularly significant as it was not only The MongolZ's debut at an S-Tier event but also the inaugural Compass Tournament, creating an unforgettable underdog story.

In a thrilling series of matches that kept fans on the edge of their seats, The MongolZ demonstrated exceptional skill, strategy, and resilience. The final match showcased their ability to compete at the highest level, outmaneuvering NIP, a team renowned for their experience and tactical prowess in the Counter-Strike community.

The MongolZ’s journey through the Compass Tournament was nothing short of remarkable. As newcomers to the S-Tier scene, they faced formidable opponents including Astralis, HEROIC and ENCE, proving their mettle and earning the respect of fans and competitors alike. This victory symbolizes a significant milestone for the Asian CS2 community, inspiring a new generation of players from the region.

The Compass Tournament, in its debut, set a new standard for competitive esports events stemming from the MENA region, providing a platform for emerging teams to showcase their talents on a global stage. The tournament featured a diverse lineup of teams, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and competition that resonates with the core values of the esports community.

“We’re not underdogs. We can be champions. I think we were the favorites for the tournament” noted 910, MongolZ player who was also awarded as MVP by HLTV.

“The amazing storyline of having an Asian team lifting the first ever Compass trophy resonates with our vision of putting more regions on the global CS map” said Klaus Kajetski, Founder & CEO, YaLLa Esports – Organizer of Compass “The matches were insane throughout the tournament and we had the privilege to witness some S-tier debuts from up and coming stars like r1nkle, which made the first ever Compass really special”

The Compass Tournament will return next year, promising even more exciting matches and opportunities for teams around the world. For now, the esports community celebrates The MongolZ's incredible achievement, a testament to the power of perseverance and the global nature of esports.

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