Thursday, 14 december 2023

Data Meets Gaming: YaLLa Esports' New Partnership with Shikenso Analytics

In an exciting development for esports analytics, we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Germany's Shikenso Analytics!

As YaLLa Esports continues to push the boundaries of gaming excellence in the MENA region, our collaboration will bring advanced data solutions to the Compass Global CS2 Tournament. With Shikenso's AI-powered tools, we're set to transform how we analyze broadcast and social media data, driving accurate media valuation and strategic partnerships.

"Shikenso will provide us a valuable understanding of the commercial values we create through our Compass channels. We believe it’s important to be a transparent, efficient and valuable partner and with industry-leading data analytics, we can ensure these values are met." - Teemu Koski, VP, Media of YaLLa Esports.

"Witnessing the growing significance of the MENA region within the esports ecosystem presents a tremendous opportunity for all stakeholders. YaLLa Esports, at the forefront of this movement, consistently strives to enhance esports in the region. We’re excited to be providing steadfast data support for their Counter Strike 2 tournament series, 'Compass 2024,' contributing to the realization of their impactful mission." - @Arwin Fallah Shirazi, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Shikenso.

About YaLLa Esports:

YaLLa Esports is a leading pioneering force in the Middle East esports industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation and community building. Compass represents YaLLa Esports' latest endeavor to unite gamers globally, foster talent and opportunity, and celebrate the universal language of gaming.

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About Shikenso:

Shikenso GmbH is a Germany based analytics company working in the esports and gaming industry. By using artificial intelligence, the company enables representatives of the industry to evaluate and control their investments, sponsorships, and marketing activities in a sustainable way and furthermore creates a more transparent ecosystem towards endemic and non-endemic brands. Branded content or sponsorship assets are analyzed throughout live-streaming and social media platforms to exploit the full potential of every engagement and boost performance with reliable data.

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