THURSDAY, june 20th, 2024, Abu Dhabi - 17:00 CET Secures Exclusive Esports Data & Integrity Partnership With YaLLa Esports

Following on from several major partnerships in 2024, solidifies its global presence in the official esports data landscape with a multi-year partnership with YaLLa Esports, a leading esports media company and tournament organizer based in the United Arab Emirates.

Established in 2016, YaLLa esports has emerged as a significant force in the Middle East esports scene. As a team of former gamers, they have deep insight into the hearts and minds of esports fans, therefore their success does not come up as a surprise. Their inaugural Compass event in Abu Dhabi, which recently concluded, was a resounding success. We have every reason to believe that their upcoming editions starting this July will produce even better results, and that their CS2 events in the coming years are only going to further bolster their position as leaders in the region.

This deal represents another's step forward in integrating server data directly into the full suite of betting services, offering clear benefits to all stakeholders in the sector. The partnership is in line with's commitment to support the esports ecosystem by offering sustainable revenue streams.

Marek Suchar, Co-founder and Managing Director at has the following to say about the partnership: “I'm thrilled to welcome YaLLa Esports to our growing list of partners. The achievements of Klaus and Teemu and their team in the region over the recent years are truly remarkable, and I'm honored that can contribute to their continued success. I am sure that a collaboration of two companies with such great passion for esports will not only deliver new engaging products, but also be nothing short of a big boost to the esports industry in the region.”

“I'm personally thrilled about this long-term partnership as both Oddin and Compass are cutting-edge brands with innovation at their core, pushing the space forward by always looking for the next big thing when it comes to fan experiences,” said Klaus Kajetski, Founder of YaLLa Esports; sharing his perspective on the collaboration.

About YaLLa Esports

Established in 2016, by a collective of passionate gamers, YaLLa Esports is today the leading esports media company and tournament organizer in the United Arab Emirates dedicated to crafting a complete innovative esports ecosystem that guarantees fair chances for athletes and teams, fostering an environment of inclusivity and equal opportunities from grassroots to global powerhouses.

Collaborating with top-tier partners, renowned brands, governments, and global IPs, YaLLa Esports actively involves millions of gamers across the globe offering them an esports experience that's not just about gaming but takes them on an epic pure entertainment journey beyond the usual gaming interactions.

YaLLa Esports' lineup includes the prestigious professional esports tournament Compass, where athletes and fans seamlessly transform into a dynamic and united community.

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