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Compass Partners with Arena Esports Powered by e&

YaLLa Esports, the pioneering esports media company and tournament organizer in the United Arab Emirates, today announced “e& and its sub-brand Arena Esports as new premier partners” for its flagship Counter-Strike 2 tournament “Compass Grand Finals” – held at the Space42 Arena, Al Raha, in Abu Dhabi from 7-9 June 2024.

Solidifying its position as a pioneer in technological excellence within the esports industry, YaLLa Esports is thrilled to announce the groundbreaking partnership with e& and its sub-brand, Arena Esports, aimed at revolutionizing connectivity standards for the highly anticipated Compass Grand Finals.

e& is set to deliver connectivity and internet services for the Compass Grand Finals, gaining extensive digital and physical branding exposure across the tournament's global channels, reaching over 100 territories in 15 languages. This partnership ensures that the world's top CS2 teams are provided with unparalleled connectivity solutions, guaranteeing an exceptional competition experience.

Through this partnership, YaLLa Esports also aims to support Arena Esports to the forefront, empowering gamers and enthusiasts alike to engage with cutting-edge digital gaming experiences.

All the games and electrifying moments will be streamed on

“Partnering with a strong Telco like Etisalat is pivotal for YaLLa Esports as we expand Compass into a global media entertainment circuit while maintaining strong regional roots," said Klaus Kajetski, CEO of YaLLa Esports. "This collaboration also empowers us to leverage Arena Esports as a platform to enhance connectivity and foster community engagement."

“We're excited to have e& and their gaming service Arena Esports as a partner in our upcoming Compass Grand Finals in Abu Dhabi. e& plays an important part in enabling esports and gaming growth in the MENA region by providing the infrastructure, gaming platforms, and gaming hardware to the local gamers and companies,” said Teemu Koski, VP of Media - Yalla Esports. “Partnering with a respected company like e& is crucial for ensuring the success of a global entertainment event like Compass."

About Compass

Compass stands as a distinguished global esports circuit from the Middle East to the world, proudly a homegrown brand with strong regional support. Anchored by four essential pillars-global esports competition, local gaming ecosystem, technological innovation, and B2B opportunity creation-Compass serves as a welcoming bridge between global and regional industry stakeholders, catalyzing growth and collaboration. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, Compass continues to make a significant impact on the global esports landscape while elevating the local ecosystem.

The inaugural Compass circuit, boasting a total prize pool of $450,000, is reaching its thrilling climax with an electrifying Grand Final in Abu Dhabi at Space 42 Arena from June 7th to 9th, 2024.

Following two completed online seasons that featured 56 elite teams and over 10 million viewers, anticipation for the LAN finals is palpable.

About YaLLa Esports

Established in 2016, by a collective of passionate gamers, YaLLa Esports is today the leading esports media company and tournament organizer in the United Arab Emirates dedicated to crafting a complete innovative esports ecosystem that guarantees fair chances for athletes and teams, fostering an environment of inclusivity and equal opportunities for grassroots to global powerhouses.

Collaborating with top-tier partners, renowned brands, governments, and global IPs, YaLLa Esports actively involves millions of gamers across the globe offering them an esports experience that's not just about gaming but takes them on an epic pure entertainment journey beyond the usual gaming interactions.

YaLLa Esports' lineup includes the prestigious professional esports tournament Compass, where athletes and fans seamlessly transform into a dynamic and united community.

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