Wednesday, 6 September 2023

The Emergence of Saudi Arabia and UAE in the Growing Middle East Gaming Sector #NextWorldForum

In the rapidly expanding Middle East gaming industry, YaLLa Esports agency stands as a key player since 2016, actively contributing to the sector's growth. As Saudi Arabia and the UAE take center stage, YaLLa Esports is excited to play a pivotal role in helping brands tap into the thriving gaming world.

Although Saudi Arabia and the UAE have established themselves as leaders in the gaming industry in the Middle East, their governments recognize that there is further room for growth and potential in the gaming market for both Gulf countries.

In a significant development, at the #NextWorldForum, a partnership between the Saudi Esports Federation and Emirates Esports Federation was announced. This partnership signifies a commitment to driving positive change through collaboration and innovation in the gaming sector.

A recent Game Changer report by Boston Consulting Group highlights the remarkable enthusiasm for gaming in the region, with around 60% of the population identifying as gaming enthusiasts, accounting for nearly half of all gaming application downloads—surpassing the global average of 40%.

Saudi Arabia, in particular, stands out as a gaming powerhouse in the Middle East, commanding approximately 45% of the market with a value exceeding $1.8 billion. The kingdom's gaming scene is mostly mobile-based, contributing approximately 65% of total market revenue.

In a visionary move, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman unveiled the National Gaming and Esports Strategy, targeting the development of 30 games and the creation of 40,000 jobs by 2030. As part of this initiative, the Saudi Esports Federation, in collaboration with the National Development Fund and the Social Development Bank, allocated a significant $488 million to bolster the local gaming industry.

In parallel, the UAE, boasting the Arab world's second-largest economy, is actively working to attract global businesses and local gaming talent.

Initiatives like the Abu Dhabi Gaming and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre's (DMCC) Gaming Centre are instrumental in achieving this objective.

As a key player since 2016, YaLLa Gaming agency eagerly anticipates playing a central role in this growth story, dedicated to helping brands tap into the gaming world!

About YaLLa Esports:

YaLLa Esports, founded in 2016, is a leading gaming agency in Dubai. We are dedicated to elevating gaming and esports in the Middle East.

With a team of passionate gamers and industry experts, we offer a range of services, from Community and event management toInfluencers and brand partnerships.

Gaming isn't just a hobby for us; it's a culture we live and breathe. We're here to support gamers, esports enthusiasts, and brands as they explore the exciting possibilities within the gaming universe!

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