YaLLa Esports' Compass" Teams Up with GRID:

A Dynamic Partnership for Data-Driven Esports

United Arab Emirates, Berlin, 25th October — In an exciting development for the esports world, YaLLa Esports' flagship tournament series, Compass," is proud to announce a strategic partnership with GRID, the innovative in-game data platform.

This collaboration enhances the essence of Compass" as a community-first global esports spectacle by enabling creative data-driven opportunities for storytelling and content around the event.

“As a data partner, GRID introduces a world of creative entertainment opportunities to Compass. The partnership will provide unique insights, statistics, and analysis of in-game events, turning raw data into engaging content that esports enthusiasts can enjoy”, said Teemu Koski, VP of Media at YaLLa Esports. The integration of GRID's data platform enhances the event's storytelling capabilities and offers an enriched experience to participants and viewers alike.

GRID is proud to partner with YaLLa Esports to boost data-driven entertainment in the region and empower a new global player with a comprehensive infrastructure that enhances their fans' experience. We are eagerly anticipating the launch of this tournament," says Charlie Hanley Nickolls, Chief Procurement Officer at GRID.

Compass" boasts a grand prize pool of $450,000, distinguishing it as a premier event in the CS2 esports global calendar. The tournament will reach its pinnacle with the Grand Finals taking place in the United Arab Emirates from June 5th to 9th 2024. The Finals provide an international platform for top teams to showcase their skills and connect with fans in this growing market, while creating the potential for an inspiring underdog story from the region.

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