YaLLa Esports Unveils “Compass": A Homegrown Community-First Global CS2 Celebration from the Middle East to the World.

United Arab Emirates, 13th October — YaLLa Esports, a pioneer in the Middle East esports scene, is thrilled to announce, "Compass", a brand new esports tournament series that aims to unite and celebrate the global gaming community. With a total prize pool of $450,000, Compass stands as a testament to YaLLa Esports' relentless dedication and commitment to fostering esports and gaming growth in the region.

Building a Community-First Global Event

At its core, “Compass" is designed to be a community-first global esports spectacle, transcending boundaries while proudly championing the regional gaming culture. Since 2016, YaLLa Esports has had a long history in the Middle East esports scene, supporting and building communities; this is a key success factor in bringing the Compass vision to life.

A Grand Prize Pool of $450,000

“Compass” offers a notable prize pool of $450,000 for its inaugrual season, making it one of the most prominent CS2 esports events in the global competitive calendar. With $400,000 dedicated to the Grand Finals and $25,000 for each of the two online qualifiers, “Compass” is significant for the very best global teams, while also setting the stage for a potential underdog story from the region.

LAN Finals in the United Arab Emirates

The tournament will culminate in a spectacular LAN Grand Finals held in the United Arab Emirates 5-9th of June, supporting the vision of an emerging esports hub in the region. The Finals will provide a platform for global top teams to showcase their skill and build fandom with this up and coming region, while also bringing the action closer to the local players and fans from the Middle East.

Fostering Growth and Job Opportunities

One of the hallmarks of “Compass” is its long-term commitment to fostering growth and job opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. By promoting and organizing this world-class esports event, YaLLa Esports is contributing to the development of the gaming industry in the Middle East, creating pathways for talent and careers in esports both on and off the stage.

“Compass is something we have been building out of pure passion for a long time” said Klaus Kajetski, CEO and Founder of YaLLa Esports at Ignite conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “I’m very grateful for the network I have built here in the past decade that is now rallying behind Compass and supporting this massive ambition of ours, as we could not have done it without our partners.”

“Compass" is not just an esports event; it's a testament to the power of gaming to unite, inspire, and drive change. With a substantial prize pool, a community-first approach, as well as a focus on growth and opportunity, YaLLa Esports invites gamers worldwide to embark on this extraordinary journey.

Important dates:

First Qualifier: 16th October to 14th December 2023

Second Qualifier: 15th January to 2nd May 2024

LAN Finals: 5th to 9th of June 2024

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

About YaLLa Esports: YaLLa Esports is a pioneering force in the Middle East esports industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation and community building. Compass represents YaLLa Esports' latest endeavor to unite gamers globally, foster talent and opportunity, and celebrate the universal language of gaming.

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