YaLLa Esports wins the Honor of Kings – Arabia Qualifier. 

On October 1st, YaLLa Esports was crowned Champion of the Arabia Qualifier of the Honor of Kings World Championship 2022 (KCC 2022). 

The Arabia Qualifier was a 10-day tournament gathering 12 Middle Eastern teams battling for the honor of representing the region during the KCC 2022, set to take place in December in Korea.

KCC 2022 is an international “Honor of Kings” tournament and the first of its kind to be open to international teams. Out of the 16 teams that will end up competing later this year, only one slot was given to the Middle East region to be disputed in this qualifying phase. 

YaLLa Esports competed in the qualifiers with a roster composed of Ammar “Ammar” Helail, Khalid “KC” Chater, Abdallah “Abdo” Matar, Abdessamad “Ray” Allouch, Cedric “Clyde” Hörsch, ZhiQian “Qian” Zhu. Behind the scenes, the highly motivated and victorious men of the Esports Team YaLLa Esports are coached by Zayar “Lord Feng” Myint and managed by Sabrina “Sya” Starke. 

During the Group Stages, YaLLa ranked in 3rd position of Group A and was then able to move forward to the Quarter Finals, playing its first Bo3 against RTG Esports. After three suspenseful and longer-than-usual games, including a rematch, YaLLa ended up victorious with a 2-1 score.  

The Semi-Final was set between YaLLa Esports and Geekay Esports.  Geekay Esports was, until that very game, an undefeated and rightfully feared Esports Team throughout the entire competition. They had to accept defeat again (Bo3 Score 2-0), similar to their loss during the AIC 2022 Arabia Cup finals earlier this year.

YaLLa Esports and QLASH Esports disputed the long-awaited Grand Finals of the Arabia Qualifier. The first game of the Bo5 was won by YaLLa, after which QLASH reassembled and won the two following games. But the hope never left YaLLa Esports, and the team proved remarkably resilient after managing an insane comeback during game 4, with two consecutive wins. As a result, YaLLa Esports was crowned Champions with a 3-2 final score, thus qualifying for the KCC 2022. Moving to the next stage, YaLLa Esports will compete among 16 international teams for a total prize pool of 10 million dollars. 

We could not be more proud of our talents’ performance and achievements. They once again demonstrated impressive resilience and mental strength throughout the competition. For our talented Team, this marks the second great title victory, as the team won the AIC 2022 and qualified to play in Vietnam earlier this year. We wish them the best for the next steps of the competition.

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About Honor of Kings
Honor of Kings is a MOBA mobile game published by Tencent Games. Release in 2015, Honor of Kings is particularly popular in China and East Asia and reached 80 million daily active players by 2017. It is, therefore, the highest-grossing mobile game and the most downloaded app globally. The game is currently on track to expand internationally.