Saeed “Saeed” Eliwat

1981 July 1st
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Favourite Class: Warrior, Mage


⦁ 1st Place at the StriveWire Little John Hearthstone (EU) Tournament with 128 Players
⦁ 1st Place at the ESGA Hearthstone Evening Tournament #99 (EU) with 64 Players
⦁ 1st Place at the MEGL Hearthstone Cup #13 (EU) with 28 Players
⦁ 2nd Place at the MEGL Ramadan Hero Cup Qualifier #1 with 48 Players
⦁ 2nd Place at the ROG Trials of Champions LAN Tournament with 28 Players
⦁ 2nd Place at the ROG Ramadan Knights LAN Tournament with 16 Players
⦁ 4th Place at the Good Gaming EU Series 3 with 844 Players


Started my Professional Gaming career in 2003 playing WarCraft III and The Frozen Throne expansion in the competitive scene, winning multiple local tournaments and two times qualifying to the WCG finals in Jordan.
Driven by experience in the competitive arena and with nerves of steel, I started playing Hearthstone in its third season, hitting legend frequently since then, and participating in multiple online/offline open cups and tournaments.