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Back to square one. It is finally time for our long awaited return to Overwatch, the title that put YaLLa Esports on the Middle Eastern map. With a fresh roster and more sponsors and partners, YaLLa Esports aims to once again support Middle Eastern Overwatch to grow.

The competitive Overwatch scene has matured since last time we competed, and our goal is to reach even higher than where we left with the legendary old roster.

We want to invite all our old Overwatch fans to support the new #YaLLaOW

Middle East Overwatch, Welcome Home - Let’s Go Agane

We proudly present the new YaLLa Esports Overwatch roster;

“I have been looking for the right opportunity to return to Overwatch, the game that laid the foundation of YaLLa Esports early success. Boostio & the crew has been impressing me lately and I am super excited to start working with the team, supported by a full time head coach to enhance our performance.”

-Klaus Kajetski, Founder of YaLLa Esports

“After a 3rd place finish and tournament MVP as a support main at Saudi Regional Overwatch tournament by SAFEIS, I knew my team had much more to give. I am very grateful to have found an organization like YaLLa Esports that share our vision as a team. We will take on the legacy of YaLLa Esports Overwatch, and take it to a whole new level!”

- Bader ‘Boostio” Mehaini, Team Captain

“I have been active in the Overwatch scene for 3 years playing for teams such as Method and Penta before moving to coaching teams like Mayhem Academy, CPH and YAB around a year ago. This new chapter as head coach for YaLLa Esports is an opportunity for me personally to show my full potential as a coach, and also help YaLLa Esports showcase the Middle Eastern Overwatch talent to the global scene.”

- Rhys “Cynic” Lambourne, Head Coach

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