YaLLa Esports Signs a Fortnite Roster


Battle Royale and Fortnite has taken the world by storm and we at YaLLa Esports have been looking for the right opportunity to enter the space. Today we are proud to announce not only are we entering Fortnite, we are also expanding to North Africa by signing a full Tunisian roster.

Please welcome with open arms;

  • Adam "Sad" Ajej
  • Achref "Achgaz" Gazzeh
  • Hamza "OverDose" Louhichi
  • Majdi "Debeans" Rais
  • Youssef “CrazyHoe" Gaib

The roster played formerly under Blacklist, a well recognized Tunisian organization. We would like to thank their management for a smooth transfer, and welcome all the fans to follow their team on a new journey with us at YaLLa Esports.

The team has been dominating the North African and Middle East Fortnite scene with impressive results. Thirteen back to back championships at the largest Tunisian Fortnite tournament and top finishes in EU tournaments to mention a few.

  • 1st - OwlySix Squads (#4, #5, #7)
  • 1st - Tunisian Fortnite Tournament (13 times)
  • 1st - MEGL 2v2 Tournament
  • 1st - Gamers Lounge Middle East Tournament
  • 3rd - Premier Online Gaming EU

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