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YaLLa Esports is a Dubai based esports organization founded in 2016 to nurture regional talent in the Middle East and North Africa. We have not only built a championship team, but an organized personal growth structure for local aspiring esports athletes to develop their skills and compete against the best teams in the world, while also grown a devoted fan community.

YaLLa Esports regional success started with their infamous Overwatch team that dominated the early scene. Thereafter in 2017, “Mazen” Akilan from YaLLa Esports was crowned the WESG Asia Pacific Champion in Hearthstone. Currently we bolster one of the most feared Rainbow 6 Siege teams in the Middle East and have promising academy teams on the rise.

In 2019 YaLLa Esports cemented their position as the leading esports organization in the region by securing an official seed funding round from a group of strategic investors. The goal is to build team facilities and enable more players to travel and compete on a global scale, while expanding across the whole MENA region.

Furthermore, YaLLa Esports aims to add key people on the management team to support the rapid growth. The focus will be on content creation, sharing our stories of home grown esports talent on a journey, catering to the dedicated fan Arabic base.

Commenting on the investment;

Klaus Kajetski, YaLLa Esports Founder

“We have always strived to be professional and set an example for other esports organizations in the region, and this investment is the natural next step towards fulfilling that ambition. We are now better-positioned to enable amazing esports opportunities for dedicated people, as well as supporting even more aspiring esports athletes to fulfill their dream of a professional career.”

Kushal Shah, Lead Investor

“We are confident that YaLLa Esports is in a prime position to take regional esports live entertainment to new heights. We are also highly confident that the professionals (players and streamers) being developed by the team will become highly relevant influencers who will be sought after by brands to reach a younger audience.”

Mishal Alireza, Investor and Board member of Tokyo Games, Saudi Arabia’s leading Video Game retailer

“Video gaming and esports represent a fundamental paradigm shift in how people use entertainment and technology to interact and compete with each other. They are certainly a disruptive force in the traditional media and tech industries that are here to stay! We are all excited for YaLLa Esports to be a pioneer in this space and to represent our region on the global stage. We are also excited not just for the players who will compete, but for the jobs we hope to create locally for all those who are interested in working in the space or learning what the Esports world is about. This is a team after all, with the full supporting cast behind it.”

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